Choosing a Cheftain by cquilliams

Choosing a Cheftain

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Added: May 27, 2006
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This was for Slaine the RPG. The blood of the last king is being poured out of the sacred cauldron on to the earth under a full moon, wherever it stops will determine the next leader of the Fir Domain.I also used some ink washes to get a nice tonal effect.

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great pen work. excellent

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Nice to get a reply from an expert! :)Thanks toothhillman.

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in slaine the rpg this wonderful peice was for a brilliant king reigned 7 years then was slain its blood used to pick the next one so leaving the druids as the constant power behind a ever changing throne

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Thanks Chris!

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I love the ingenious use of blacks to tie this composition together. Pen and ink virtousity!

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Yeah! I thought since there's probably a long line of king's getting killed off I thought this was a position that deep down nobody would really want to get chosen for, but of coarse since this tradition is deeply engrained into their culture I'm sure they feel some sort of responsibility.

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I like the way you left the trees white and used the darkness to define them. The guy who's 'winning' does not look too thrilled like maybe the turnover rate in the king slot is a little too high. Where are they getting all of that king's blood from after all?

Art at its best.