Dragons of Autumn Twilight by stawicki-art

Dragons of Autumn Twilight

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Added: May 26, 2006
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you dont have a higher resolution photo ... i mean copy of this? matt.. yeah right

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oh yeah By the way not to be totally awsome but i happen to do the artwork for the Dragonlance series... LOL

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How are you , I've taken a look at your pictures and I loved you style. I am acaully writing a story and I would like if you'd paint some picutres about my story in your gallery, so I could save them . If you want to please contact me on sereen_k@hotmail.com. please accept

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Amazing as always . I love your dragonlance art !!! I really hope you dicide to post some more for the epilogue community .

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You captured Fall perfectly. I can almost feel the autumn sun.
I love the tree houses!
Very nice!

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i played this game b-4

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Oh my god!!! So cool to see your work in here, I’m such a fan of your work. I didn’t know you work digital as well, just went to your homepage (where I spend a wonderful time looking at your gallery) and read your bio and realized that you did your work the last years mainly digital, hell your digital work looks so awesome traditional, just wonderful! Hope to get that look on my own work some day, saying that I better go back to my drawing board and keep practicing….
Hope you post much more of your outstanding art here for us all to enjoy.

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Another fangirl here Smile This is also my favourite piece, I absolutly adore it. Why in the world isn't it an editor's pic!! Nice to have you with us!

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Oh my goodness! jumps up and down.. I am going to go all fangirl. Welcome to Epilogue Matthew...you are my idol. I spend hours looking at your cover art like almost daily...gosh and gush this is a great day for epilogue. More Please. I adore "Dragons of the Fallen Sun"..."Dragons of the Vanished Moon"...I love them all and of course this one too. Please post them all. Yes Nathan said it right... you are a modern master. Thank you for sharing here.

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I've spent a wonderful 1/2hr looking at your site. I have to say I'd not heard of you before, but now you're bookmarked in my relatively short list of "heroic artists" Smile

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Hey Matthew, I'm fighting the urge to go all fanboy on you right now.... and failing miserably. I certainly hope you bless us with more of your work soon Smile.

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Matthew, I have your art book at home and was so excited to see you posted here! This is probably one of my favorite pieces by you--the rich vibrant autumn colors, my favorite season. As always. you're very inspiring to me!!!!

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Matthew, this is so wonderful - the colors are so great - and it looks not at all digital Laughing out loud

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This is a brilliant piece of work. I love the colours and the composition. Beautiful.

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thats actually digital?....Fantastic colouring, my favourite colours the year provides would be autumn. This is grand in scale!. Thanks for sharing.

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Hey Matthew,
you are a huge influence of mine, you are one of the reasons I pushed so hard to turn pro, I am glad you decided to join this community. For any of you folks who do not know who this guy is... Well, hes a modern master!

Art at its best.