Jesus and Judas in the Garden by jesusking1

Jesus and Judas in the Garden

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Added: Jan 21, 2007
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This version features a demonic looking Judas about to hand Jesus over to the authorities.

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Tom Cruise or not, this is a masterpiece!

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This is an amazing picture. It really recounts the emotions and the sense of betrayal. I do, however, agree that Jesus does look alot loike Tom Cruise, but there is nothing wromg with that.

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This man was on a much tougher mission! LOL! Actually, just about every woman who has seen the original painting in person comments on how stunningly good looking Jesus is in the painting. While I did not intend for Him to look like Tom Cruise, I did want Him to be very handsome so as to work in direct contrast to Judas' more menacing look.

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Thank you for your kind words. I'm very glad to see you enjoyed the painting. That means more to me than money any day of the week!!

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I have no real interest in painting from a historic perspective but rather from an emotional one by placing the viewer within intimate reach of the two characters. I could just have easily made them Oriental or African, but I went for this look so the characters would be easily recognizable by western audiences since I live in the Western World and since there is very little background and setting to place them in. The idea of the painting is not to paint Jesus or Judas as they may have truly appeared since no matter what I paint, it will not be an actual portrait, so that doesn't even become a consideration. This painting was created to bring out an emotional response in the viewer. Your criticism is perfectly valid. I am quite aware that Jesus was a Middle-Eastern man. But I was far more interested in capturing what He is inside than what He was outside....and that seemed the far harder job to me. I appreciate your question. It is a thoughtful one. I hope this answer has been helpful in explaining my motivation.

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This is an interesting relationship between the two. However, I wonder if you meant them to look as Anglo as they do? Did you consider portraying them as people from the Middle-east?

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Julio Cesar,
This picture is amazing! the way you captured the different expressions, the pain in Jesus' face, the darkness of Judas. Also you did a great job with coloring. I would like to see more of your colored pieces around.

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I love the picture, but Jesus looks alot like Tom Cruise, not sure if you intented that..

Art at its best.