Holy Contradiction by tonyorzech

Holy Contradiction

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Added: Aug 14, 2006
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This is a Symbolic image of a knight Hospitaller. The sword is a modified Hospitaller's sword representing the birth and death of his God (represents the contradiction of killing in the name of a loving God for wealth and power). The flowers are Sage-Leaved Rock Roses that grow around Jerusalem (represents the area being fought in and for the possession of) and their is a Shahada (Islamic Profession of Faith) on the ground next to his foot which reads; 'There is no god but God (Allah): Mohammed is the apostle of God.' (Represents the people of this land that he is fighting). I was trying to show how a people can be foolishly pulled into violence by a leader hiding behind the mythology / theology of the time. Something that has been done throughout history. 10' x 20' oil on canvas, completed in 2002 and sold for $800.00.

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Excellent imagery. Very nicely done, especially on the sword. The shield however doesn't look quite right in dimensions through my perception. The silver work and white cross on the front doesn't seem to quite bend at the right angle with the rest of the piece. But it could just be my perception or the download of the picture on the site. I'm a writer, not a visual artist of your skill, so I cannot be quite sure whether it is truly just a little off or if its just an odd angle. Still, beautiful imagery. And though I am a Roman Catholic myself, this image does not offend but actually is quite a good message of the shades of contradiction, hypocrisy, Humanity, and faith. Very well done. I would hang this image in my home if I were able to easily purchase it. I think that's a compliment to your work, that I'd wish to see it daily. Thank you for sharing it with us.


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My source for the arms and armour of this Knight Hospitaller is from the 2001 Osprey Publishing book 'Knight Hospitaller 1100-1306' and is based on their c1140 Black robe with sword, shield and spear. They adopted the red around 1275. At least acording to Osprey.

Art at its best.