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Added: Jan 30, 2010
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Everything in my life is a series of highs and lows. Sometimes I am like the moon we see, serene and bringing happiness to all who experience it. Other days, I am the dark side of the moon. Cold and unforgiving I have hidden dangers for those who dare to brave my chill. Just as the moon, the change between these sides is sudden and extreme. Even when I seem to be at my best, a single step into a shadow brings my wrath and despair. This piece represents one of these two masks, the dark one. Tormented by whispers of my own failures and my inadequacies in life I find little hope or help. Nothing can shake me from these spells until I suddenly switch and they turn off like a light and I am happy once again.

Details to note: the stitching along the right hand signifies the seemingly separate life my dominant hand has. It creates art and guides me through life. The lock box over the stomach signifies the locked soul. Many cultures believe the stomach is the source of emotion and the home of the soul. The large keyhole in the background repeats the smaller one and also signifies my desire to unlock who I truly am. The ghost like faces within the keyhole are the other selves I must sort through to discover which personality is indeed myself.

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