Witcher by geno7


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Added: Sep 25, 2006
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I love it! lol It looks like the guy is puffing up his chest. hehe

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You gotta love Geralt and those darn drowners. Great work.

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see that little dead thing on the ground...thats my mate michael. im the guy with the sword...even though im a girl. and that thing eating michael...thats this total freak in my class kurt, who has the hotts for michael. no but awesome pic!!! i actually like it!!!

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wow, You have quite a talent there artist, this is terrific keep it up! wow!

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Nice drawing, but the eyes on character with the sword are focused over the top of the creature and not at him. Unless you identify another dominant character in the foreground such as an arm or part of a body comming into the page that he should be looking at, it looks as if he is a statue.. need to change the position of the head and eyes so he is looking directly at the creature. I remember my art history class, one of the "Old Masters" can't think of which one now, painted a picture called "the operation" and the eyes of the main character were also

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i think that is a very self expanitory work of art. i was wandering did you put your feelings into the art work and make it your masterpiece or did it just come to you? anyway i still think it is very unique. your biggest fan

katelyn west/kati

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£a³... Piêkna praca.
Kocham Sapkowskiego i tê pracê. Tu przynajmniej nie widzê do koñca aktora, ale Wied¼mina we w³asnej osobie ;D Tak, jak go sobie mog³abym wyobra¿aæ, gdybym najpierw przeczyta³a ksi±¿ki.
[G³upi aktor, g³upi, g³upi aktor, zwali³ mi ca³e wyobra¿enie ¶wiata, jaki stworzy³ Sapkowski. ale i tak najbardziej kocham cesarza Nilfgaardu xD]

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Beautiful! I love your work. And Sapkowski:)

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WOW, what an incredibly powerful image. Love the warrior's righteous, Condemnative look, and the beast's uniquely monstrous features. The creature kinda looks like an "undead were-vampire" for lack of a better description.

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Wonderful art!

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Welcome to Epilogue.
I love your art, very impressive stuff. Keep posting Wink

Art at its best.