Battlefield by geno7


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Added: Sep 26, 2006
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It reminds me of the Empire Earth intro...

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Looks like a gears of war episode. Very cool

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Crhis, I don't agree at all. I would say that the human is hiding because the machine is surveying the area and sweeping over his place of hiding, without knowing the human is there. The human is waiting until the robot turns it back, as he then will jump up and blast it to pieces. (naturally it has a weak spot)The drawing is otherwise as great as your other images, I like the background and the ruins, and the feeling that something is going to happen any moment. The drawing is filled with excitement.

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I really like this, a great painting. Chris, I love the way your mind works mate!

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Looks like the robot has targeted the human's heat signature, and will probably blast right through that rock with depleted uranium rounds. Unless, the human has a heat masking "stealth suit", in that case, the robot is probably estimating the human's possible position and may or may not fire upon him. I hope the human would possibly have a chance against such a menacing adversary.

Art at its best.