The young son of Bor by spcarlson

The young son of Bor

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He was the young son of Bor, the father of the gods. He was a shapechanger, usually appearing as a vigorous man of about fifty with long hair and braided beard, wearing the skins of animals and carrying his unfailing weapon called Gungnir. Here he is, in the ages before he gave up one eye and even sacrificed of his life for greater wisdom, before the other mighty god’s served him as children do their father. Before he became the god most favored by the Norsemen. His name was, Odin..

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beautiful depiction,but i think i see jeff bridges in there.

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I'm just blown instant fan

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this is wonderful...i love all the colors and detail,it's amazing!

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Unbelieveable, this truly is a work of great art! Steven Paul Carlson, I salute you.

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all of the above, Stephen. A class above the majority of work at epilogue. Maybe two or three...

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Something that good makes me wish I had gotten into painting. This is realism at its much detail its mind-boggling! From the braids, to the ragon on the axe to the intricacy of the horn. Just beautiful mate, well done. If I had 1/4 of your talent I'd feel accomplished!

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I've long been a fan of Norse mythology over most others. Old One Eye always did seem to have a fascinating story to tell and I think that you've done an amazing job of showing that here. Thank you for this.

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Grazie molto!

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simplemente increible... tal cual.... no hay mas palabras... el realismo de los tonos me encanto!! la textura parece casi real, me dejo asombrada. espero ver mas ilustraciones a color ya q la maroria estan en blanco y negro...
mas de tu arte por favor!!

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This really is wonderful work. You get such feeling from all the different textures of his clothes, giving a real sense of how they would feel to wear. Fantastic!

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Steven, I am so glad you submited this. This is one of my favourites of your work. Just so very excellent!!

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Spectacular,absolutely wonderful. I'm astounded by the depth and detail of his gear and armament. I am a big fan of viking and celtic mythology. What a noble pose and expression. A masterpiece.

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Lovely, delicate style. What's your technique?

Art at its best.