Cie's Escape by paledrow

Cie's Escape

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Added: Apr 29, 2007
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My first work using my new digital tablet. Laughing out loud

Escape from the Nach Drow City

Deep within the depths of Faerûn under the nation of Rashemen, lays the Living City, the central layer of the Nach‘Ilythiir or white skinned drow also known as the Pale Drow. The Living City, named so due to the massive and powerful underground creature that permeates the entire city, is little known on the surface. This is due mainly because no disloyal creature or slave has ever escaped, except that is for the human, Cie Tallaskyl.

Cie, as you can see here is on the back of a half breed dragon-bat, another of Midiuth’s many bio-magical creation experiments. Cie was a promising Thayan red wizard’s apprentice captured and enslaved by the Nach Drow almost a decade ago in the Rashemen hills.

The Nach still search for him on the surface to this day, even within the dangerous halls of Thay itself.

In the background of this picture you can see the prime central cavern to the Living City, its centerpiece being the great Castle Scorn, the residence of the creator of the Nach and the only route to the main body of the creature that lends the city its name.

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Great use of light!

Art at its best.