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Added: May 29, 2007
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The Alien Derelict on Sha'raen
Sha'raen is one amongst numerous moons orbiting gasseous planet Jaerena in the Ka'arh star system. Chilly, windy, unpleasent and lifeless world, covered by thin methane atmosphere and with (mostly) frozen lakes and rivers of ammonia. For the inhabitants of the planet Xalli, the only planet in the star system originating intelligent life, this remote moon is interesting mainly because of its surface, rich with irridium ore. It wouldn't stand a chance as a tourist resort if it wasn't for the fact that it hosts a rare artefact: an old derelict of an alien spaceship.
After the remnants of the data from the damaged information system of the ship were reconstructed and transleted by the Xallian archeologists and xenologists, it became clear that the unfortunate visitors were members of a rather rowdysh race of intelligent monkeys, now locally extinct and dispersed all around the galaxy, originating from the nearby star system of Calyra. They used to call their star "Sun" and their planet, at the time a bluish paradise similar to Xalli, "Earth". The Ka'arh star was referred by them as "Alpha Centauri A".
The postcard depicts one of the numerous visits by the Xallian tourist vessels on the site.

This is the first in a series of illustrations of my SF&F serial Postcards From Beyond

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You have to help me with my current project, email me if you can help me

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.. blows me away. Sirious - that is some very impressive work.

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MAN this is a work of art!

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wah, thats just fantastic, can't imagine how you did that... Super work...

Art at its best.