Genesis by dasil


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Added: Jun 24, 2007
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acrylics on canvas - 76x61 cm / 30"x24"

This work deals with the creation of life, and of everything else that allows us to enjoy it.

A woman possesses the key to this act of creation, which also co-occurs with music. Playing the cello leaning on her womb, she succeeds in sucking interstellar dust and spatial matter through the instrument's neck whose extremity reminds us of the DNA spiral. This matter is then redirected, through the endpin, into the ocean where life will proliferate.

The design of her dress, which soaks into the sea, is suggestive of those unicellular organisms and other plankton constituting the foundations of the biological chain, while her craft is an egg, universal symbol of life.

At the base of the cello, suggested by the shine of the instrument, an infant, as if in her womb the woman had given birth to Man.

On the headdress, the sun, the moon, earth and our solar planets, and their astrological symbols.

At her feet, some waves compose a dragon-snake, Guardian of the Threshold of Knowledge and Wisdom, and symbol of life, which appears in almost all human civilizations, Chinese, Egyptian, Indian, Maya, Aztec, Greek, Roman, Celtic, Hebraic, Christian, Arabic, Tibetan, etc.

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dasil's picture

I see you have a feel for water - it is a challenge each time - thx for your comments

somerset's picture

Wow! such a beautiful painting, David, that water is amazing! Smile

Art at its best.