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"Standing beneath the wizards gaze Jacob focused his entire being into the dragons tooth. He could feel his soul unwinding, but despite the strain on his spirit, his body remained untouched by the maelstrom of magical forces attacking his shield. The wizard tried every trick imaginable against him, but the defence was perfect. Yet while the barrage continued it took incredible strain to take even a step. Li and Joel’s frantic attacks against their foe were having little effect, despite Joels desperate war-cries
'Is this how it ends?' he wondered. After travelling the world, slaying dragons, battling demons and gaining much wealth in the process, was he to be struck down by the very man he had worked all this time for the resources to defeat?
And with that thought, he took another step."

- Tolsten the teller, whilst travelling with Jacob the Dragon slayer.

My third illustration for the Ellandria players handbook. The artwork for the the start of the "Magic" section of the rulebook.

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