Where's Rascal? by davinabehin

Where's Rascal?

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Added: Aug 11, 2007
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These last two semesters have been really hard on me. I've been doubting my identity as an artisit (I was somewhat horrified to find that my identity is practically nothing without the "artist" part) and feeling great anxiety over grad school and the rest of my life etc. Then I had a dream about talking to my high school art teacher about my uncertainties and she wordlessly showed me my old artwork, things I had made when I was really little. When I woke up I felt a tremendous relief and more like myself. So I decided to paint this as my first painting of the semester: a kind of self-portrait of my artwork so far. The earth behind Rascal's head is a reference to a self-portrait I made in high school and Rascal himself is a reference to one of the first paintings I did in college besides the many, many, many drawings and things I made of him throughout my entire life - Rascal has been with my family since I was about four years old. The title, "Where's Rascal?" was an illustrated story I made in first grade. Smile Beyond all that history, I wanted to capture a sense of childhood and possibility, kind of like how summer used to feel when I was a kid.

Oils, 22 x 28 in.

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this is very nice. rascal looks like a very cuddly type cat. is that earth in the background?

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i would be the 1st to admit i am no artist, but what you have said stings me right the the heart, i too as a child growing up had a hard time, and as a adult now i look back and wish it was diffrent, but recently i found some old storys i wrote when i was 12, and i relized its the blunders we make, the mistake we expernce that shape our selves in the life we live today,and i no longer regret anything i did, or do today Smile

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awwwwwwwwwwwwwww thats so cute i love cats u should draw more its like a real cat

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I understand your concerns because I am undergoing through similar feelings. I've gone to such extreme as sometimes abandoning art entirely and trying something else. My problem stems from the fact that I have good skills, particularly in drawing, but lack the creativity/sensitivity that real artists require. I think its a good thing that you feel uncomfortable/doubtful of yourself from time to time, you'd be surprised how many people avoid such feelings and so never grow mentally, emotionally, etc. Well, good luck and have faith in yourself. I like the painting and even moreso your explanation of it.

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A wonderful painting. I love the expression you have captured. Brilliant work!

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It is wonderful

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Love it and love the descripton!!!

Art at its best.