Black Wings by folkvangar

Black Wings

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Added: Jun 25, 2008
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History behind the image:

A really quick summary of the chronicle:

This happened in another land, in another world. A fantasy world, very different from the one that we know. This world had a very dark age too. An evil dinasty of kings reigned over more of two houndred years. A lot of deaths, persecutions and tortures happened during that age.
The angels with black wings were prosecuted and locked in dungeons. Without no logical reason, this dinasty of kings thought that the angels with black wings were angels of the devil. So, they cut off their wings and they leave them as prisioners.
It's very sad, but it was what hapenned.
I think I heard some time ago about a extremely powerful wizard who is the only one capable to give her wings back. I hope he can rescue her. Meanwhile, the crows, her friends, are her only compañy.

Tech info:
Image painted with Photoshop CS 3. Original size: 6000 x 9000. Huge! But what a pleasure was work with that dimensions! Reference used for the pose. At first I wans't totally sure about the pose, but I like it at the end.


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WoW! Excellent!

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I really love your works and i want you to make a lot of work. There are really perfect!

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Extremely beautiful work, Veronica, love the concept and the sory too Smile

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Ah! a damsel in distress, Don Quixote to the rescue so she can fly again ...Great piece!

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This is a beautiful piece. I like the images in/on the walls.

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Great picture and nice back ground but you did nt need that cut on her back !

Art at its best.