"Amaterasu" by kittycrystal


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Added: Jan 15, 2008
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This piece was done in gouache on illustration board.
again my love for Japanese myth has come to the surface! I wanted to portray Amaterasu in a very unique way, she's the godess of the sun so I placed her in the center of a ring sun motif, and had her hold an orb the represented the sun as well.

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kittycrystal's picture

I did not know that, thanx for the info. Since now I have illustrator and a computer I can easly flip the image, I'm left handed so that's why I placed the kimono going to her left. Thanx for the comment though~
Peace and Love
Crystal fiss

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tis true about the kimono, someone told me once it's bad luck to wear a kimono the wrong way, it means you will die soon!

but the kimono is lovely, the soft yellow is just great

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Nice take on Amaterasu. I like the story of her hiding in the cave, and the party held outside to bring her back. One thing you may want to check, though: you painted her kimono with the right panel over the left one. This is how you dress dead people in Japan, not the living. So a lady (and a Godess alike, I would assume), would always wear her kimono with the left panel put over the right one. I guess you can simply flip the picture (and tweek the signature), and then everything will be back in order. Congratulations for a very nice piece, anyway.

Art at its best.