NeZha Conquers the Dragon King by zhenvision

NeZha Conquers the Dragon King

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Artwork Description

This is a book cover design for a famous Chinese mythology story "NeZha Conquers the Dragon King".

The Story:

The story begin with the commander Li Jing who is informed that after a three and half year pregnancy, his wife has given birth to something that look half way between an egg and a lotus flower. Before Li could strike the egg/flower with his sword (as he consider this thing to not be very natural), the bud open and reveal a small boy. Not long after, a sage named Taiyi comes to express congratulations. He names the boy Nezha and gives him a Universe Ring and a (magical) Red Sash and accept Nezha as his disciple.

When Nezha is seven years old, the area where he live is afflicted with severe drought and Ao Guang the Dragon king turn a blind eye to the offering he receive from the people suffering from the drought. Worse, he demands to Yecha (some sort of frog anthropomorphic daemon) to kidnap children so he could eat them. Yecha manage to kidnap one of the children before being defeated (but not killed) by Nezha. In a rage over Nezha defiance to his authority, the Dragon King send his third son, Ao Bing, to capture and kill Nezha.

After defeating Ao Bing's guard, Nezha manage to kill Ao Bing and also take his tendon as a reward. The Dragon King is infuriated and decide to plead his case with Heavenly King but Nezha is waiting for him there and after pointing out that it was Ao Bing who started the fight and that Ao Guang was lying, Nezha not only prevent him from meeting with the King of Heaven but also manage to beat Ao Guang into submission.

Afterwards, the Dragon king meet with three other dragon kings and together they flood, create considerable havoc where Nezha live and ask for his life in exchange of "peace". Commander Li is shocked and very disappointed that Nezha want to fight back the dragons but he cannot bring himself to execute his own son. Nezha realizing that he is indirectly the cause of much suffering around him decide that the only way to leave innocents out of his quarrel betwen him and the dragon kings, is to commit suicide so he cut his own throat by using his father's sword.

Taiyi, Nezha's master, revive him from death (rebuilt his body with lotus roots, leaves, and flowers ) and give him a set of fire wheels and a spear and he goes to destroy the Dragon king.

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Beautiful work. I like the blend of colors and forms.

Art at its best.