Samuel's Lamintation by slaine69

Samuel's Lamintation

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Artwork Stats
Added: Dec 12, 2009
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Artwork Description

Father Samuel indulgent in perversion and jubilant in his own self destruction, blindly followed the belief that his sacrifice of innocence and 'self' appeased his celestial father, thus gifted by dreams of unknown text, Samuel, like so many before him, fell pray to the insidious arcane, to this end he came across a puzzling instrument, another gift? a sign! grabbing madly at the edges tears of piety cascading down his face Samuel opened the lament configuration, and so he fell....

Hell has no time, a myriad, millennium of unfathomable blessings bestowed him, his time has come once again to roam the corporeal plane of the living, his faith, a twisted form of malice, his piety, a thing of contraption he forces the word of god on those veracious enough to summon him, through his crusaphim, which he uses with the dexterity of an artist he performs the rites of divine suffering.......then waits.

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cool dagers

Art at its best.