Seconds remaining by wardartz

Seconds remaining

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Added: Dec 11, 2008
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Sorry wrong name was posted for this first off. The clouds that formed started to look like a pyroclastic flow to me. In the foreground(slightly to the right) I noticed what looked like a reflection of a person on a bead of dew(use your imagination) on one of the organic formations. So for anyone that knows of this devastating force, this person would be staring death in the face. So thats were the name 'seconds remaining' comes from .
..hope everyone feels better after that fascinating piece of information.

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i got the name as soon as i read it... looks like a meteor impact... took a sec 2 locate the dew drop but as soon as i did i saw the reflection u described... its fant but i c it... sumtimes the koolest thing happen on accident... luv the way u use color

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Thank you very much squire. This painting suffered plenty before its final stages. It was kept on its side in my studio, in an old cotton mill in Belfast.It has another room above that I used for practicing with the band. Unfortunately a bottle of cider was spilt(happens) and as it seeped through the floorboards it collected all the dust and dirt accumulated from the last 100 years or so, and dripped onto the canvas. So maybe that has something to do with it as this looked very different before I tried to salvage it!
Your work is fantastic, both traditional mediums and digital. I am really interested in digital art and hope to go back to study in this area soon. I have done some fairly simple jobs designing band logos etc, but hope to combine my original art with digital to create more fantasy landscapes. You have set the bar high feller! Great work. Thanks again for the comments.

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Very cool bleak feel despite the vibrant color. Not quite sure how you did that- but it works. Eerie and dreamlike- I like this alot.

Art at its best.