AMG-90A Adder by geishabot

AMG-90A Adder

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Artwork Stats
Added: Mar 18, 2009
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Artwork Description

The AMG-90A "Adder" is an attack grav-mecha in service with the Interstellar Axis Forces.
It uses it's G-coil to fly into action and provide assault and close support operations, much like 21st Century combat helicopters.

The emblem is from the 2 Battalion / 26 Division "The Azul Scorpions" of the Axis Interstellar Marines.

The stats for the AMG-90A is as follows:

On the main body:
Left side- 90mm Ultra High Velocity Auto Cannon
Right side- 40mm Rotary Cannon( with HE/Frag rounds)

Left arm: Twin 50mm Pulse Lasers
Right arm: 105mm Beam Cannon

Missile Packs can be fitted to the top hull( but are not in the example pictured).

Vehicle is interface capable, but has a relatively slow atmo max speed of about 780mph. In it's main combat role it rarely gets above 400mph.

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Nice imagination.

Art at its best.