'The trusted uncle' by suzzan

'The trusted uncle'

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These 'things' that occur day in, day out to thousands of people who cannot talk about them because firstly, There can never be total closure for the victim, because the psychological pain and trauma remains, exacerbated by 'secondary victimization, primarily stigmatization, isolation, abandonment and condemnation.
and secondly, the lack of knowledge and compassion of people, many of which are of the 'just world hypothesis' those that believe that the world is intrinsically fair, do not wish to believe the callousness that so many humans can inflict on others. They would rather sweep those 'unpleasantries' under their fairytale rugs.
I hope to be 'A' voice on the victims/survivors behalf, so I dedicate these paintings to them.

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thank you so much for your kind words! unfortunately, yes I am, but I help a lot of people and am in collaboration with a professor to help give social workers much insight and understanding..so I have turned all of my bad into good!! ; )

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You create powerful images of life at its worst. Hopefully you are not a product of your art. If so my heart goes out to you.

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It's so accurate. The drawing, the explanation and what you feel when you look at the face. THank you for this.

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Thank you so much, I truly appreciate your words! ; )

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i can really relate with what you drew & wrote. just by looking at the title i had a feeling about what it was. other then that your art is just terrific. x

Art at its best.