Dikephalos Anekros by benu

Dikephalos Anekros

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Artwork Stats
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After Perseus beheaded Medusa, he left Kisthene's dreadful plains to present his gruesome trophy to Athene. Elated by his triumphant victory, he neglected to incinerate the Gorgon's pregnant body, as the goddess had warned him to do.
From that time on Medusa's headless remains give birth to a Dikephalos Anekros every year on her day of death. The monstrous beasts, half horse, half bird soar high up over the plains on decaying wings in search of the severed head. Their two skulls perpetually shrieking and neighing in lament of their mother's evisceration, driving any unwary wanderer to insanity. As these undead creatures share the lifeforce of their mother's undying body, they will continue their quest for all eternity unless Athena returns Medusa's head.

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