The Memory of Innocence by celebrinloth

The Memory of Innocence

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Added: Jul 25, 2009
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This painting is a result of my search for a new identity after the abrupt end of my first passionate but destructive relationship, the only sincere explanation I offered my first lover. This is also a cry of disillusionment and confusion, desire and its painful fulfillment. What do you see on the horizon, my lonely friend? The shadow of your past pure but fragile Self or a shape of a young, beautiful and strong Woman and a dawn of a real Love?
The painting is 75.5x57 cm large.

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fuzzyman's picture

This one just draws me in.

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Intriguing "butterfly" story behind the piece of which the painting reflects very well. Good stuff you've done!

celebrinloth's picture

Thanks for your comment. As you may have notised, the "red beings" (a male and female figures) are actualy elongated threads of the embriodery that the girl on the painting works with. I share the old beleife in magical powers of textile handiwork, such as embroidery with it's series of ancient symbols. In past the girls used to embroider (or a sort of program) their destenies, especially when it came to preparing cerimonial towels for the wedding (in Eastern europe where I come from). This girl has also embroidered her desteny (or her fate), her fortune and missfortune, but first of all her lust - the thing that she hardly knew of before she met her new self.

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Beautiful work, but I am curious about what the red beings in the foreground represent? Her dress is very nice as well as the dramatic sky. Lots of subtle details for the eye to look for, like it!

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Thank you for your comment. If you are interested, you are welcome to visit my homepage

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what can i say? c'est magnifique

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Beautiful and elegant work!

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a nouther good peces of work and ues of shading and ues of light and dkershading in the peces of work and like the titel and the dress

Art at its best.