The Pursuit by niraky

The Pursuit

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This is an illustration based on the norse myth of Sól and Sköll. According with Wikipedia, "Sól or Sunna is the Sun personified in Germanic mythology. [...] She is described as the sister of the personified Moon (Máni), is the daughter of Mundilfari, at times referred to as Álfröðull and is foretold to be killed by a monstrous wolf, called Sköll, during the events of Ragnarök, though beforehand she will have given birth to a daughter who continues her mother's course through the heavens. [...]
Her two horses, Árvakr and Alsviðr, drag her chariot through the sky every day, while Sköll try to eat her. Sól is additionally described as the beautiful wife of Glen."

My objective was, basically, to depict the wolf Sköll in pursuit of Sól and her two horses; I added flames, inspite of the horses' manes, when I also read that Árvakr and Alsviðr bring the light (while Sól brings the heat). My purpose doing this was trying to create a magical atmosphere in the picture. =]
Hope you'll like it. Smile

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Thank you, Aaron! Smile)
Please, send me an e-mail ( so we can talk about it! Laughing out loud

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Wow this picture is amazing!...Im a big wolf fan and I love how you made this one...I love the colors also....keep up the good work. Wink

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Awesome!!!!! Can I take some Digital classes from you?

Art at its best.