Charelle Noelle, Juniper Berry Fairy by teresa

Charelle Noelle, Juniper Berry Fairy

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Charelle Noelle, of the *Alaska Juniper Berry Fairy Clan, lights the forest with her Juniper-scented candle.
The Juniper bush, especially the Northern variety, is a bit sweeter and less pungent in tone than other varieties and has been used by native Americans, sparingly, as a seasoning for foods. It is also used as an ingredient in spirits. However, since the Alaska berry fairies consider it more medicinal and scent-worthy than edible, the Juniper Fairy Clan is of the Glayin** rather than the Deeyin*** fairy group.
The fragrance of Juniper is evocative of many winter solstice celebrations including the berry fairy celebration, SOMNIN. In wintertime, Juniper branches and berries adorn wreaths and sconces worldwide. The plant has a long and storied existence; evidence of Juniper has been found in ancient Egyptian tombs.
A word about Somnin:
“Somnin, the berry fairy Time of Slumber, had cast its frosty white spell upon the Alaska berry fairy realm. The wild berry plants were covered with snow and their roots safely in hibernation deep in the frozen soil. The previous year’s harvest had been made into delicious edible products such as jams, jellies, syrups candy and fruit leather. They had also been transformed into soaps, medicines, cosmetics, and magic potions. . .” ~ from the 3rd Alaska Berry Fairy Tale now in progress (working title: The Fairies and the Frost Goblin King )
Somnin is Charelle Noelle’s favorite time of year.

*Alaska berry fairies belong to clans that care for their particular wild berry. The clans are separated into two categories: Glayin and Deeyin.
**Glayin: oversee poisonous or medicinal crops such as devil’s club or snowberries.
***Deeyin: watch over the delicious edible ones such as blueberries, salmonberries or cranberries.

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