Al-mi'raj by thaily


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Picked the pencil category because the most important part is all pencil. Kinda funny that there's no "mixed media" category, oh well.
For the Beasts of Yore portfolio I present; the Al-mi'raj.

The Al-mi'raj is a ferocious and bloodthirsty animal, all but it's own kind will flee at the sight of this terrible beast that feeds by hunting and goring any animal or person unlucky enough to cross it's path with it's large, spiraling horn. The Al-mi'raj can kill and devour creatures many times it's size, though it is suggested that it allows members of it's warren to feast on larger kills; rapidly and effortlessly decimating any carcass.
Al-mi'raj are fiercely territorial creatures and they will protect their warrens from intruders. New warrens are founded by adolescent Al-mi'raj leaving their home in search of their own territory. The Al-mi'raj mating season is from February to October. After an average of 30 days the doe gives birth to a litter of 4 to 12 kits, whose horns begin to grow at 14 days.
It is found that the only safe way to get rid of a wandering Al-mi'raj and to keep them from founding a warren near human settlements is to have a witch enchant and move the animal to a safe location.

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Excelente... me vacila un monton!

Art at its best.