Pyros and Arkenstrom by lorddarke1

Pyros and Arkenstrom

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Artwork Description

Meanwhile, in the Imperial palace an informant known as Pyros reports to Lord Arkenstrom.

"Well?" asks Arkenstrom.

"Seems the tourists have been busy making new friends"

"Oh? Do go on."

"They're chummy with the frogs now and seem to have got in tight with the Moonshark and the Stormrunner."

Arkenstrom frowns. "So this Dutch is winning friends, so what?"

"These are powerful allies with much influence with the Shark people!"

Arkenstrom smiles "oh,horrors! what ever shall we do?"

Pyros eyes the Emperor, mischief playing in his own eyes. "They managed to kill your pet."


"They somehow cooked it."

"How in nine hells..."

Arkenstrom suddenly yanks Pyros off the floor by an ear "Find out HOW they did it! NOW!!"

Pyros squeels "At once, my Emperor!

As the rat scuttles off Arkenstrom smiles to himself. "Well done Dutch, well done."


Upper torso, arms, and hands are Daz's Victoria 3. Everything else was modeled in Hexagon and Truespace 2.3 then rendered in Vue Pro Studio-6. I did the post work in Photoshop.

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