On patrol by lorddarke1

On patrol

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A season has passed and the Earth People are now becoming familiar with life as "natives." In that time they have joined in many attacks on Arkenstrom's fortress palace and faced countless run-ins with his minions and troops. Now, Dutch and Mitzi are on a routine patrol of the southern border when Dutch, topping a rise in the tangled mass of vegatation, is suddenly jerked behind an outcropping by his mount.

"What's up, Raith?"

Raith snorts, pointing with his nose at something down below in the braken.

Dutch signals a warning to Mitzi, whose mount ducks low as they come up behind Raith. Mitzi follows Dutch's gaze and looks down into a break in the wall of foliage below.

"Something's down there," Dutch hand-signals Mitzi.

They both draw weapons as they drop from their mounts in silence, rolling off into cover. The two raptors, now in hunting mode, move off and down the rise, splitting up and dissapearing with well rehersed practice.

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