Reconnaissance by lorddarke1


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Four months have passed since Ulyssa's encounter with the strange little macrophage that she and her crew "adopted."

Now, far from the Sharkmen's city, Dutch is on a reconnaissance mission beyond the deepest edge of the Shark's domain, the Motaran Abyss.

And by this time, Dutch is exhasperated. "We've been at this for days, watching for any sign of your Squids. So far all we've seen are some weird fish."

A femmeshark named Thula frowns. "It is well that we see no evidence of Sethulan activity, it means our realm is safe."

"For the moment," Adds a male named Charjess.

"Well, I think we need to get deeper into that dark area below that lip of rock," points Dutch.

Thula turns a moment, favoring Dutch with a look of frustration. "We cannot take our ships any closer without being tracked by Sethulan guardians. No energy signature the size of a ship's drive has ever succeeded!"

Dutch frowns, then slowly smiles. "We'll just have to use some other transportation!"

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