Sub Commander Rull by lorddarke1

Sub Commander Rull

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Artwork Description

A frantic 20 minuts later sees them approching the edge of a strange vast forest.

"Is that it?" Mitzi asks.

"Yes, the forest realm of the Tamurans!" She snaps a contact on her com node and..."This is Princess Daquri calling on IFF code Alpha. Come in Tamuran Border Patrol! I repeat, come in TBP!"

The voice that answers is not what she expected. "Thisss isss Ssub Commander Rulll offf the Imperial warrr ssship Dark Claw. Youhh whhill sssurrender orrhh be desstroyed!" it hissed in grating tones.

"Insect! Know that you are attacking the daughter of the Emperor! Break off your attack at once!" snarls Daquri.

Silence follows.

Daquri whispers "I'm hoping that the bugs are at least confused. Every moment they hesitate allows us further across the Tamuran border!"

Mitzi whispers, "And what will hap-" "

Watch and cross your fingers!" interrupts Daquri to Mitzi, placing a soft finger across her mouth in a hushing motion.

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