The World of Ray Harryhausen by Tony

The World of Ray Harryhausen

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Artwork Stats
Added: Nov 06, 2013
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My inspiration in drawing was at 7 years of age when I first met my idol Ray Harryhuasen, His movies inspired and motivated me.

The original design painting of Ray Harryhausen was made by Jim Dallmeier i did some modifications to the creatures, on my version I added the crab from Mysterious Island and the horse from the Valley of Gwangi. the painting is to commemorate and remember two greats Ray & Jim.

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Tony's picture

I know who you are. All my post are still on facebook, the reason you cannot see them is because you have been blocked from them. If I had any intention of taking credit away from Jim Dallmeier's artwork I would of just made one painting instead and hide the identity of the painter that inspired me to paint them. I don't mind people posting comments in reminding others that Jim is the man that made the original design. I have never denied that anywhere. So stop calling me a thief and putting the word around that I am trying to take the credit away form Jim's work. Do not forget that this is fan Art anything you paint related to movies characters has a Copyright from that Movie just like Disney has. No artist owns that right just because he paint it first. I have respected Jim Dallmeier name. i suggest you grow up Michael Heintzelman and stop acting like a paranoid schizophrenic bully, you are not doing yourself any favors all you are achieving is being blocked from fan forums.

pelennorfields's picture

How dare you call this your painting?! Jim Dallmeier created it....not you. He imagined, designed, and rendered a masterful painting that hung in Ray Harryhausen's home for many years. All you have done is fingerpaint onto the canvas of a master. I'm sorry, Tony...but, simply adding a couple of characters and changing the color scheme does NOT constitute an original work, and/or allow you to call this your own. Imitation may be a form of respect. But, you didn't imitate it. You flat out stole it, and are attempting to profit from Jim's efforts. He's dead, but his nephew owns the rights to his works. He's also an attorney. Think about it. Seriously, the same goes for your other paintings of this genre. You've simply implemented the same format with different creatures. This is just one guy talking, here.....but your lack of character is screaming at us. This is a rip off...pure and simple. You didn't even have the moral fortitude to keep your post on Facebook, in the face of my similar post. $2K is about $1999.99 too much.

Art at its best.