The Lost Angel by elizaDparker

The Lost Angel
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Artwork Stats
Added: Dec 05, 2013
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Artwork Description

The feeling rose in the pit of her stomach like a volcano threatening to spill all around her. Questions and no answers filled her with a sudden sadness, a sadness no Angel should feel for one's self. Without thought she moved to the edge of the clouds and looked down at the mountains of Earth. Looking back over her shoulder, she watched the heavens continue without thought towards her, she decided then and there to step. To step over the cloud edge and fall to an earth that may hold answers to her questions. The step took but a second, however the fall felt like an eternity before she hit the ground and lay crumpled in the dust.

She slowly pulled her heavy body to a standing position, using her dusty wings to steady her. These wings would no longer function as they would within the heavens, but she no longer cared. She felt lost, alone and in need of answers and as her first tear fell from her eye, she began to take a step hoping that she would again find her path.

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Fireforge's picture

Very nice work, the lighting is perfect with her beauty.

Art at its best.