A Closer Look by elizaDparker

A Closer Look
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Artwork Stats
Added: Dec 09, 2013
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Artwork Description

She looked down as she slowly flew through the forest, in no rush to find her fellow fairies, in no rush to find home. She finally spotted a yellow flower amongst the thistles, where no one thought to look. Like a moth to the flame, she could not help but find the beauty among the thorns, so she gracefully flew down and gently landed on the beautiful yellow petals.

She made herself comfortable, being careful not to damage the beauty of the petals beneath her skin. Then she took a deep breath, allowing it's aroma to wash over her senses. She closed her eyes and felt the instant connection with Mother Earth, and with a smile she opened her eyes.

She felt at peace, even if just for a moment, as she watched the local bees in search of their pollen. She knew the bees would be making the finest honey with the beautiful yellow flower that everyone passes by.

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