The Path of Change by elizaDparker

The Path of Change

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War had plagued her family for centuries; it had taken her brother on the battlefield, it had given her father so many demons that he had been lost to the drink until it finally took him, and it had slowly eaten her mother’s soul leaving behind an empty shell that no longer smiled. All this sacrifice for a belief that only history knew.

Everyone was so busy fighting a war and not one of them had stopped to ask what it was they where fighting for, and in the middle of the battlefield this question suddenly stopped her. Letting her sword fall to her side she looked all around her with new eyes and for the first time she saw the blood soak as the dead fell to the ground, a son, a daughter, a father.

With the battle still beating like a million drums, she turned from her fellow warriors and her supposed enemy and began to walk. When the sounds of the battle decreased to a screaming whisper she finally paused to listen to the voice within. It was distant but she closed her eyes and grasped it long enough to hear her mother’s long forgotten voice “It all starts with one, one who is willing to try”.

It was only now that she understood the wisdom within these words, and with a new determination she threw her sword into the ground like a spear. She looked over her shoulder at the distant battle and swore from this day forth she would find a different approach to those classed as enemies.

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