Mourning Light by sabarlynn

Mourning Light

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Added: Jun 25, 2014
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"The word funeral itself has been derived from the Latin funus, meaning "torch." It was believed that torches and lights at a funeral could guide the departed soul to its eternal abode. Lamps, it was considered, aided the dead to find their way through the darkness.

Later times rationalized the flickering light of a candle as a simile of human life and saw in its steady glow a symbol of the soul, itself a spark from the never-dying flame of the divine.

Originally, however, candles, torches and lights near a corpse or grave served a completely different purpose.

Above all, they were a relic from the days when fires were lit around the dead to frighten away supernatural evil beings anxious to reanimate the corpse and take possession of it. Their domain was darkness and they were afraid of light.

Also it was thought that the dead loved to re-visit their old haunts, especially on certain days, not least the anniversary of their passing. To guide them home and light their way, candles were lit."

chop-stock,madmoisellemelistock on Deviantart, My own photography and digital painting.

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