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Added: Jun 04, 2015
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"Eve"concept design digital painting finished in 5 hours on a Wacom Cintiq 13HD + Adobe Photoshop CS6.

Eve do have a human figure. However, her kinds are very much different than humans on Earth, and stronger. Though she originally from another planet (Alien world), a billion and billion light years away from our Solar System.

...very much far far far away from the galaxy, hidden inside Nebula Stars of Blue Clouds. Her homeworld giant planet is much older and bigger than Earth. Thinking something like the size of... Jupiter, with life like Earth. But their homeworld atmospheric is so much different than Earth Atmosphere.

Her mask is not just a glass, but very powerful glass-helmet shape look like Alien skull, which to keep her breath air on another planets without having trouble breathing on the gas planet or any other planet without oxygen. The helmet will transforms into thick and powerful metal with full cover their eyes and nose in dark chrome, like a sunglasses. But they has a very good eyes sight.

Watch Eve speedpaint on my YouTube Channel.

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Thank you! I'm so sorry for took me so long to reply since I haven't been on this website nearly a year! But I finally manage to update my portfolio with new artwork! Smile

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Art at its best.