The Messenger by puimun

The Messenger

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Added: Jul 19, 2000
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The angel Gabriel.

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i thought gabriel was actually a man, oh well just shows how much i listen in church ..............ha ha...........but its really beautiful..xox

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God, what i wouldnt give to have some of this work done on me, some of these pieces are worth more than some words can say about them. i have looked at alot of them here and @ the site, want to buy one just so i can take it to my ink guy and see if maybe he can work something up to place on my skin.. Every piece is orginal and has a style to it.. Theres a few of these pieces they make me happy to see them, and that there is actually someone out there like you, ty's... Still, this work deserves to be in something great for generations to come to see, and no, im not an ass kisser ... ^_^.

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I love the work, it seems like no one is offering any criticism though. I do find the work aristrocratic in form and color balance with intricate details. However I have noticed in your art you tend to go overboard with promoting the "busy" picture with movement and detail everywhere. Perhaps making it not such a game of "hidden picture" would bring more attention to the actual focus of the art. Don't misunderstand, youre phenomenal and also very beautiful as a person. -hugs-

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Iv looked trought out your whole art atleast four time. Believe me, your art is great. I really think you take your time to illustrate amazing details. As you probably know, your imagination is overboard, and thats what makes all of your work extreamly wouderfull. Im not into all theses galleries but I fell upon this wonderfull pieces and i just had to comment x33

Great job!


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I love this piece, as well as your rendition of Uriel. You manage to capture the androgyny of angels, as well as the energy behind them perfectly. 'Course I love your other stuff as well, without a doubt the best watercolor artist I've seen in a very long time.

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your pictures are indeed good! They have contact with flying or floating and this made them easy and dreamlike.

Mattis said the good pictures were similar to an comfortable armchair.
you can see them for hours.

bye Gábor Szügyi
(by the way Gabriel-->Gábor, but now its accident:)

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Just finished looking through your gallery, eyes full of awe. Beautiful!

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I really love your works. Seems a sort of "Fantasy-Mucha"

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Hey I think all your paintings are amazing, you have a great talent and I can look at your paintings for hours, I always discover something I didn't notice yet. I wish you still a lot of inspiration and good luck with your paintings, greetz...xJaidax

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I'm not religious, but the compelling nature of your work could convert me. Any objections if I put a link to your site from my own?

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Stephanie - I love this piece and the one called, "Entwined" You have such a sensitive approach to detail - simply wonderful! I myself have been researching Angels - this is trully an inspiration to my research. Thank you.

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Stephanie... This IS OUTSTNADING
(oh ithink it should be Outstanding)

WOWW, You know what? I have a jag drop right now! It can't be closed. WOw, you were my another guru's of art. beside of enayla.

This one is very holy, and gothic. and... wow, it reminds me of Yoshitaka Amano's art. You know him? he's a great japan artist.

^^^(---I worship you----)^^^

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Hello! No, that's not an out of place question, as I've been asked that quite frequently. But the answer is no, not yet. I don't feel like I'm quite ready to have a book of all my art. Someday though.

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your works are always gracefully painted,stephanie.this may seem like an outa place question,but are you planning on releasing your own book at somestage?.id love to have a book of yours in my collection,gosh thats amazing.

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Angels all have many roles, and while Gabriel did smite down Sodom and Gomorrah, the most commonly depicted scene with Gabriel is the annunciation (coming to Mary to tell her she would bear Christ).

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I thought Gabriel was the angel of war...

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Yes, this is all watercolor.

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this is really watercolor? Sugo~oi! ..and the birds are so lovely! I wish I could have such wings like the angel *g*. Honto ni sugoi!

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Heh...a video would probably be rather boring seing me paint slowly layer by layer!

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I wish I could watch a video of you painting something like this.

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Simply amazing.

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Stephanie, your works of art are simply stunning...I find inspiration in all you works and this is what keeps me comming back each and every time. Here I find a very detailed and time consuming (I'm Sure) that was well spent in the making of this fine piece...simply wonderful to have you in this world...thanks for the view...M121

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Profound, sensitive, poetic, stunning.

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I cannot help but notice all of the shadows and little cracks of detail in this piece! It is simply amazing in every way. What was your inspiration for this?

Art at its best.