Autumn Foxfire by puimun

Autumn Foxfire

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Artwork Stats
Added: Nov 12, 2000
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"I am fog and fickle mist
I am all that can't be tamed
I am born of devil's kiss
Sear potential unrestrained"

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puimun's picture

Thanks so much Christine! Smile

cornerelf's picture

I bought this one on a card for my sisters birthday a while ago:) I love your style, you were one of the first artists I saw years ago at Elfwood.

puimun's picture

I left it blank by using some masking fluid before I began painting. When I finish, I rub that off and you're left with the white paper.

Guest's picture

Stunning! And a darker piece too. How did you get the white star dots, is it paint or pencil, or did you just leave parts of the paper blank?

ekearney's picture

Absolutely beautiful. This is one of the best watercolors ever!! Simply amazing.

Guest's picture

Stephanie, I own and operate a small press publishing company. I was wondering if you'd be interesting in doing some cover art for me? Email me at

hunterhayley's picture

I am always amazed by your art. I dont even think Brian Froud has captured such etherealism. I love to see your art and wonder how beautiful it would be to live in a world such as the ones you create.

Guest's picture

....How can everything you do be so perfect? I love it.

puimun's picture

Hm...if you mean the halo-ish type thing around her, I do those on purpose.

Guest's picture

I can kind of see that swirly crescent shape, too. The one Laura Pelick is talking about. In fact in your pictures with Liri of the Wood you always have one near her head. ...Neat!

puimun's picture

Yes, it was for a story I wrote. It's actually up in epilogue as well, the story section.

Guest's picture

Incredible.... did you wrote that poem yu'reself?

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very well done! the composition isn't static, there is definitely a sense of movement, good use of triangles and circles together, helps composition and interest with contrasting shapes. color choice is good, the focus area of the figure and the platform are good to a certain point. the colors around the figure are of similiar tone, loosing many of the details. but maybe the scan or photo of the piece didn't give it justice. i know it does that to my work. - O'MacAodh

mermalior's picture

Your pictures are separate, well-builded worlds. Everything is lives, everything is moves. They tell beautiful tales. I think the color harmonies tells too. Unbelievable perfectly. I love your hidden shapes, many circles in the background, in the girl's hair, the triangles in the mountain, everything is perfect. The colors send me moods. The orange and brown makes me tired, bring me the tranquillity of the autumn, the light orange (around a girl's) is the dawn, the hope of awakening, the cleanness of music, the rest of summer. The gray and the blue are the sign of the winter, the sign of the unavoidable changing. I think you are a wanderful artist, and I'm sure you are a lovely women, with full of emotions... I love your all picture. Thank you Stephanie, and sorry my poor english.

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I´m just astonished by your artwork^^

puimun's picture

Thanks! Well, it wasn't intentionally "moon" shaped, but I do like curves and swirls.

lockett's picture

If I Had to sum up your art in one word it would be:ELEGANCE.

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I really love your art.. and I was just looking at this one and noted that you seem to reapeat the shape of the moon (that curve) all over the place, interesting little touch (if you meant to do that.)

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This picture is absolutely beautiful! It has an almost magical quality. This is one of my favorites!

Art at its best.