Muse of the Midnight Sun by puimun

Muse of the Midnight Sun

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Added: Jul 16, 2001
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"...She comes to dance in the minds of those who yearn. Upon the stroke of the hour of the midnight sun. Mad and frenetic, with passion in her very being. She siezes hold and hounds with the power of the furies, and with the gentle touch of a lover. It is said that artists and poets can hear her cry as it winds through the avenues of the night, but it is also true that those who are mad also hear her voice...."

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pixiefee's picture

Oooh !
All this details ,an great compliment from me.I love this picture! You are an realy watercolor wizard !
Smile Martina

Guest's picture

I love it.

saffiresword's picture

Now and then I make my try at watercolour, and gets a headache when I´m finished.
I do my best, but I can´t say I get even near your tallent.
I can only watch and adore your art!
This one has a wonderfull motion.
It is almost as if we can see her dance, as if the painting is ready to in the split of an second to start moving.
As if the video was on pause, and all we had to do to see her dance, was to push the play button!
Wonderfull Stephanie!

Guest's picture

Your worker is absolutely amazing! I thought I was pretty good with watercolors, but not this good. Your detail is crazy! There's so much going on at once, but at the same time, it melds together so nicely. Keep up the excellent work!

babs111's picture

I really admire that sense of movement that so many of the figures in your pictures have, and this one in particular. I also like the way it appears almost as though she's on stage with the spotlight effect of the moon and what looks like shadows behing the leaves, dont know if that's what you were going for...anyways, beautiful work!

puimun's picture

thanks. =) Yeah, i know what you mean...that's what i was trying to do with it. So i'm glad i succeeded a little bit?

Guest's picture

Hey! I haven't seen this one before! Oh, I like the composition, Steph. Somehow it makes the whole piece dancing ... um .. daas movement and dynamic ... do you know what I mean?

caitmf1's picture

intersing, a slightly smaller size format, though its hard to tell as uve still managed to pack this picture with alot of detail and lovely sweeping armatures, which sort of show the movememnt of the arms. im so happy uve uploaded again since its been a while since u updated and i was starting to miss my weekly steffi update.

stevec's picture

This, like all your more recent pieces is just amazing. As a watercolor fan I have a lot of respect for those who can balance tight detail with flowing color and form. I am constatntly challenged by watercolor and despite art directors biases against the medium I find my self constantly returning to it. Your work is perhaps an ispiration for me to carry on, eh.

Guest's picture

Yummy colour scheme. Mmrrr. That purpleblue is one of my favourite colours. And spirals, and wings and things and.. and... *dies*

jeshannon's picture

Absolutely stunning once again Stephanie, this is deffinately my favourite now...The colours are awesome

puimun's picture

I needed a new painting to hang above my desk. The old one got sold -- which was a Tarot image I had done for the Star. And I'm not superstitious really, but it -is- an image for creativity and inspiration. I stuck Azrael (angel of death) in its place because it was the only thing to fit the frame, and well...just doesn't feel right. Thus my muse here, which will be the new piece to hang there. =)

yeechi's picture

I would have never guessed this one to be only 12x7, except that it says so on your website. It looks the same in detail as all the other bigger ones, and just as terrific. The lacy leaf things in the background are neat. You work way too fast, you know that? Wink

sdeanbloom's picture

I am vey impressed. Huh-Hun, yes...I am.

jcmao's picture

Simply amazing, as your pieces always are. The position and sweeping arcs, it's like a memory of her caught in motion... I simply can't find the words to describe it. The dress is especially lovely, fanned out around her in the dance. Wonderful.

kyri's picture

I looked at your work Stephanie and I find that it is very beautiful...this piece is no seems to me
to tell a story...wonderful.

mccracken's picture

GAH! double GAH! That's gnomish for fan-freakin-tastic.

Art at its best.