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Tales to Tell

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Added: Sep 04, 2001
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...And one day he spoke them. Softly, it is true. And to himself, it is true.
But even the sotto voce whispers of a man are heard by the ever-pricked ears of gods and goddesses. The sparrows heard his idle boasts and twittered their message to the rats. The rats twitched their noses and scurried through the maze of underground warrens to the outer walls and squeaked their message to the foxes. The foxes whipped their tales about and snaked and ran and slid through the forest until they found their patron, Liri of the Wood. And as Liri played tripping tunes upon her pipe, the foxes chattered a tale to her of a vain human and a city and a challenge. Liri laughed. It was a fluting sound, as lovely as her pipes, as fickle as wind, and as slippery as water. She laughed and laughed and laughed and the foxes laughed with her in their coughing little way. "I believe it is time we paid the Emperor a visit," she said, tucking the pipes away and stroking the copper backs of each of her foxes....

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nads's picture

hehe..you like fox's huh? Smile you're really good with watercolors!!!

christar's picture

I find this one especially well composed and beautiful.

Guest's picture

Very beautiful! Color fantastic! Bellatrixxx

Guest's picture

I could not find it here at Epilogue, but I eventually went searching in Elfwood and found it. Your not just a great artist but a magnificent writer. Your stories are so unique and... *sits for a while pondering* Grr... I can't describe it... Why does this always happen to me? Anyway, I loved it; it really got me to think.

puimun's picture

Yup, I did write it. The full story is in my story gallery of epilogue.

Guest's picture

Oooo... I like the fox puppies; very adorable.^_^ Btw, did you write that piece up there? I really like it!

caitmf1's picture

i see that working on a different size page makes ur work more compact and less detailed, but i was thikning steffi that it really does look suited for childrens illustratrsions, where as ur larger peices are more art neuvo, i cant beleive how u manage to create such a closeness to ur creatures. i think these are the best creatures u have drawn, they are so darned 'alive' if u get my meaning, im glad ur getting alot of comissioned work.

Guest's picture

I love foxes, and I'm so excited you will be using them more! Will there perhaps be any painting involving the story of a kitsune any time soon?

puimun's picture

Might be because I'm doing a lot of smaller pieces lately too. Not enough time in between commissioned projects to work on the large pictures that I prefer. But actually, I was looking at this and the first Liri picture I did, and the foxes are definately softer, as you say.

jade's picture

Maybe it's just me, but... it seems like your work has acquired a new quality. I'm not sure how to describe it. Softer, maybe? It's especially evident in the bodies of the foxes. Good work, Stephanie.

0-1's picture

Wow, I love this... So cute & delicate. The foxes poses are... Ah, I want to stroke the backs of each of the foxes, too.

puimun's picture

hehe, yeah I know more foxes. and the reason for it is because i want to illustrate a whole story about them. So you'll see many more foxes to come actually.

k-t-roo's picture

its a gorgeous pic, i love those foxes, and the flowers, i dont know how you do it. gorgeous pic as usaul

Guest's picture

Seems like your favorite subject has shifted from birds to foxes now Laughing out loud Your birds are very nice as well, but the little foxes are more adorable with their cuteness² factor, must be so much fun to play with a bunch of fox puppies, the one which is whiping its mouth is the alpha puppy isn`t it?

scarecrow's picture

*Stares* Wow! What a beautifully coloured picture! Love the foxes so much Smile. Agh, truly an amazing piece, Stephanie, you are a master of watercolour Smile.

sdeanbloom's picture

Very beautiful, Stephanie. The colors and lighting are superb. And of course, wonderful layout. Your story quote is great as well.

Art at its best.