Sweet to Tongue and Sound to Eye by puimun

Sweet to Tongue and Sound to Eye

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Added: Nov 21, 2001
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"Sweet to tongue and sound to eye;
Come buy, come buy."
--from "Goblin Market" by Christina Rossetti

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Guest's picture

I just adore those mushrooms, lol, so cute!

puimun's picture

Well, I have done one picture of Galadriel and Celeborn in the swan boat at Lothlorien. It's in my gallery here somewhere, as well as the Epilogue LotR gallery.

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it would be very interesting to see a painting related to the lord of the rings...

somerset's picture

I swear to God! the first thing I thought when I saw this one was "Goblin Market" before I'd even read your description! Your interpretation is quite enchanting, you are a detail Master! a few years ago I saw the John Bolton illustrations, and in my humble opinion yours surpasses those, and I'm sure that Christina would be amazed and delighted! beautifully coloured magic!

puimun's picture

It's actually only 15x20 inches. About half the size of some of my larger ones. But it was a lot of fun filling this with little details. =)

wildberry's picture

THIS is a enormous picture, wow..I am amazed about the detail the beauty the softness, I love how you do Watercolor you are amazing totally inspirational in your work! I cant believe this is a water color...its WONDERFUL!

puimun's picture

I think I see most of the goblins as humanoid creatures with animal characteristics. The poem does describe that there are tails and ears and fur. Bits and pieces of animal traits.

kyrn's picture

Are you sure Mark...? They weren't exactly descibed this way (not that I'm complaining). I'm illustrating it for my senior project/show. I've seen many different interpretations, some animals, some little men. But I see them described more as animals in the poem.

I think my favorite part of this painting is the large leaves around the main Goblin. It's looks as if they are growing out of him. I also love how you've placed very large fruits in the foreground. It's nice to see trees that aren't green too!

jellybelly's picture

This is gorgeous! the colours are so warms as is the subject matter. I think this is one of my favorites Stephanie!

Guest's picture

oo round and yummy looking =) but is that thing with the green eye-looking things in the lower right a creature? or a mushroom? or a fruit? or a something else? anyhoo, this is just beautiful. love the colors (hehe i love orange) and the creature on the goblin's knee is so adorable ^U^

puimun's picture

Yes, careful with your fingers!

Personally, I like the striped guy on the goblin's knee. =)

naddy's picture

This is absolutely one of my favorites, Stephanie. It's so playful! I love the characters & the overall color. I like the little birdie up on the branch. Does he bite?

puimun's picture

goblins and fruits and random fancies.... The little guy sitting on the goblin's knee is my favorite!

babs111's picture

This is a wonderful picture to get lost in studying all the fantastic detail; quite an interesting variety of creatures to look at, too!

puimun's picture

I like adding lots of minor details to pictures. They kind of develop as I do it too. Not that I plan them all. They all just make their way into the picture as I add color.

faemich's picture

Ooooo, this is an absolute favorite. I love everything you did here - the colors, the dimensions, and even all those eyes. I think what I love most about it is the way you manage to add such character and wit through it all. It's one of those you have to study for a really long time to see it all. Very enjoyable, Stephanie. I can't quit smiling.

puimun's picture

Eyes eyes eyes! Yes, I was into a mini phase at the time.

Guest's picture

This one has to be my second favorite of yours. Fanatical for Figs is my absolute favorite! I guess i'm just drawn to the eyes. I love it they are all hiding and all you can see is the eyes...^^ I just absolutly love it!

puimun's picture

Not nearly! I thought at first to try doing an image with all the fruits, but decided to do this instead.... You know the poem I see. =)

puimun's picture

Personally I like this on ethe best of my current stuff, but doesn't seem like many other people like it! Ah well.

puimun's picture

Yeah, it just takes a lot of time. And small brushes.

Guest's picture

Oh gosh, all those details... How do you do it? You must have a lot of patience cause that is a lot of detail.

lockett's picture

Beautiful painting Stephanie, wonderful detailing and excellent colour. Great interpretation of the poem too, I think you have almost all of the 'Goblin men' and their fruits here.

Art at its best.