Lady of the Gingkos by puimun

Lady of the Gingkos

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Added: Jan 03, 2002
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The wind blows. Sings. Calls. The castaways of autumn whirl through the air in a spiral dance of gold. Coinage of the gods. Feather bright. Swan gilded light. Whispering with a melody woven from a tesselation that ripples ripples spirals skiiiiiiiiirls through the air and under her feet.

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I've seen this somewhere. It seems too familiar. I think I saw on another site but I'm not sure. Elfwood maybe?

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Well, I'd love to see that if you ever do scan them. I've not had a chance to read that yet.

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hei have u read "a dream of red mansions" by tsao hsueh-chin?
it's got wonderfull aquarelle illustrations (the book is like a modest mingdinasty sope though hehe).
check it out in some library Smile
I would scan the pics if it wouldn't break the binding..

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Very nice mystical feel to your work.

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strange how looking at foxes and visualized winds never gets boring Wink
how often do u release a new pic? seems like u got a really high pace.

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Dear Stephanie:

Your subject matter is of myth and magic, yet it speaks to a very real and viseral part of my soul! It was difficult to choose a favorite! Thank you for sharing your gifts! I will be forwording this site to my friends, and my husband.(I need "Moon Petals"!) I look forward to visiting this site again!

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Um...there isn't really a How-To guide for it. I just pencil in the swirls before I start, and then when I paint, I do lots of layers, and treat the swirls like hard edges.

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I really love this. Gingkos happen to be one of my favorite trees. The foxes are always a nice touch to your work whether or not they were meant to be there. I never quite get how you do swirls w/wind and water and stuff. How do you do it?!?! I bet you've explained this a lot, though...^_^

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The water was a semi-accidental touch, but I like it too. =)

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Somehow foxes keep wriggling their way into my pictures. I swear, they weren't supposed to be there!

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Well, I just got back from a couple month stint in Japan. And I just had images in my head of the hillsides coated with those yellow leaves....

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Terribly interesting - the gingko is rare - I don't think I've ever seen their leaves in art before! Nice choice of color, and the circular shapes spiralling in the background provide much to look at. Thanks for posting - i've seen your work on Elfwood, and adored it =)

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this is absolutely lovely. tough all you work is. i love the foxes in this too, and the swirls.

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Stunning, as usual... you have always that dreamy, smooth feeling without losing any essence of movement, and this is no exception. The water is an especially nice touch. Great Smile

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This is absolutely gorgeous! You've really captured something magical here.. and the text you've written to go with it is beautiful. I'm in awe of your talent.. as always.. Smile

Art at its best.