The Crows of Winter by puimun

The Crows of Winter

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Added: Jan 11, 2002
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Frigid skies, and barren plains of endless blue that stretch unto eternity. It's all a balencing act. The act of being and bearing. Bearing. And Being. As the winds tear 'round like crows of winter. Laugh with a wild laugh that tosses caution off and to the ground, just a speck so distant. And as the hesitations and clinging garments of regrets fall away (...away...away...) cast off from peteringteeteringtumbling...
And into the blue.

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paata's picture

Very cool style and great technique.

Guest's picture

whee i could feel like i'm flying, teetering and on the brink of falling/flying away with this

puimun's picture

Nope. No white on this one at all. The spots are all kinda random. When I paint I do it loosely and leave some spots and thne just use them as highlights in the stone later.

Guest's picture

although I guess a skilled person could leave brightness when coloring for those windlike circular things,. it really seems sometimes u gotta use white watercolor to make light spots on rocks and likes,. u do?,. and how many layers do most colored parts consist of (mostly)? (this one is one of my favs Smile

chimera's picture

I've always seem to get carried away, looking at your pictures:) There's so much dynamic and grace in them..Nice soft dreamy colors, just beautiful...

puimun's picture

Hm. I've noticed that too. That women and men paint very different things. Well, I mean, I know exceptions, but a lot of the time you can look at a piece of art and figure out if a man or woman did it. Interesting isn't that?

puimun's picture

Well, I would if I knew of any, but I've never looked at one. It's just all through experience and playing around with combos.

Guest's picture

I have a wonderful time watching your art. One more lesson for me, wish I could be that good. Women in art often show different feelings. I am not impressed, that would be an offence to your skill; I am conquered.

Guest's picture

Amazing, you are such a color genius.
Can you recommend any books on color theory? ^___^

puimun's picture

It's just a random rambling artist...

vuollet's picture

Oh, It's full of light, as usual. Fantastic picture, I didn't quite see what's going on in it at first. There is so much stuff that take away attention from each others... Kinda confusing. It's like a great piece of music, you can't hear(in this case, see) everything at the first time. And what is that peteringteeteringtumblignwhatever?

puimun's picture

Had the idea from an earlier tiny painting I did for some card game, and wanted to do a full sized picture with it....

mermalior's picture

Amazing colors and amazing theme. Wonderful painting!

frodo's picture

will he crash and burn if they Touch! Ichorous?

blueunicorn's picture

Hmmm. The "towers of stone" are crows and birds. Wonderful, as always Stephanie!

lockett's picture

Lovely piece Stephanie, very 'balletic'.
I particularly like the idea of the 'towers of stone', that your characters are perched on.

Art at its best.