Seeking the Mothqueen by puimun

Seeking the Mothqueen

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Added: Apr 22, 2002
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They were listening that night. Or so he claims. They listen at the windows where the light streams through. The listen at the cracks where lamplight seeps through a doorway. They come and listen when you light a candle. So now we follow them.
Beyond the threshold of our lights, where the scents of fresh bread wafted in the night, and far beyond the mundane sounds that crashed through the house. Into the silent crevases.
We shielded our lanterns that they would not immolate themselves and we followed them to seek the moth queen.
He says they listen all the time. They memorize the stories that we tell one another in the brilliant glare of our dinner table, or the muttered dreams that escape our lips by a flickering candlelight. Then they flitter through the dusk and gloam and pour these whispers out for her. Perhaps we could taste some of those simmering dreams if we found her as well. And so we listen tonight, and we follow.

Medium: Watercolor, Size: 21x28

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nebula's picture

Your art is from other planet Smile It's possible only take from the dream at night. only 1 - great work.

puimun's picture

Yes, I write them all myself, unless it's specifically attributed to someone else.

Guest's picture

i love your style. I never get tired of looking at anything of yours, and each picture tells a whole story in and of itself besides being a fantastic piece of artwork. the descriptions are great too--do you write them yourself?

maura's picture

Wow, that's really cool. I love the description, it makes you look at the picture another way. Your work is always interesting, it dosen't really follow any cliches, so I'm never tired of seeing it.

puimun's picture

Yes I did write that. I used to like writing short stories, but these days I just don't have time to sit down and think them out. I can really only concentrate on one creative project at a time.

Guest's picture

The details, the details!!! You are one great artist, Stephanie. Did you write that bit yourself. I would think so as you are also a great author! Keep drawing.

Guest's picture

This piece is very beautiful!I love the way you alays incorporate your little swirly insignia. Stunning. Simply stunning

baylessiii's picture

Stunning work, Stephanie! You have a marvelous style!!

puimun's picture

It's not so bad once you try it. I remember the first time I tried a big page like this it was really daunting. But I can have a lot more fun with something big and creating a whole environment.

babs111's picture

I am so glad you provide details of your paintings; I can really appreciate the picture when seeing all the work that goes into it. I don't know if I would ever have the nerve to do a watercolor on this scale; this is wonderful.

djinn's picture

Ohh you are right, Stephanie, there are so many details lost on this small pic. I went to your webpage and was absolutely awestruck. Lovely.

socar's picture

This is lovely, Steph--you really finished´it up well. I love the moth designs in the center, especially--I think it's the colours and the clean shapes I like.... No, actually, I just like everything about this. Excellent painting!

puimun's picture

I wish that I could show a larger version of it here on epilogue! So many of the details you can't see in this tiny version, but ah well.

bella's picture

Ah, you have done it again! I have never seen such feeling for details before, and the fact that you work with watercolor amazes me. It takes alot of skill to create pieces like these, even with pencils. You are in my eyes a true artist.

Guest's picture

Stephanie, this blows me away...the details are spectacular. All hail the Moth Queen! (and her creator)

Guest's picture

Stephanie...this just blows me away...the details are spectacular. All hail the Moth Queen! (and her creator).

naddy's picture

Awww! WOW! Stephanie, this is beautiful! The Mothqueen is gorgeous! That night sky, the ruins & I love the children looking up to her. And her wings...the more I look, the more beautiful it is. It is wonderfully illustrated along with the story.

Art at its best.