Foxknot by puimun


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Added: Jun 04, 2002
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simply intruiging. or however you spell that.. lol I love your works and all the details. you're one of my favorite artists!! keep em coming ^.^

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Breathtaking? Love it so much? Might wanna wipe that brown stuff on your nose there Patrick. *grins.
It is a decent design, the paper background is stunning however, but I really don't see anything special about it.

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Actually Pui-Mun is my Chinese name. Law is my last name. As far as I know it's pure Chinese back at least the 27 generations that have been recorded. =)

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When I got my computer in 1998, I found your art on a celtic web site. The drawings capture all the magic, the whimsy and detail I look for. Another favorite of yours is "Dragon Knot". Is it possible you may have a wee bit of Irish in the Muni Law family tree? I am a devoted fan!!

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Wow, this is REALLY cute! Those foxy things are adorable. I wish i could take one home and cuddle it to death!

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Can't say anything that others haven't already. I like the celtic knot thing in the middle. And I like foxes...

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What a clever twist of words you've used to describe this. I love it! The way you do movement is amazing - simply amazing. The background is especially nice. The foxes are beautiful and really stand out nicely in your detail work. This must take forever!

puimun's picture

Hehe. Well, late or stuttering or whatever, I do appreciate the posative comments.

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Ummm, yeah, what everyone else said. I always make it here late and everyone says what I want to say and I'm left stuttering. Wonderful as always, Stephanie. I'll always be grateful for your work. Brightens my day ^_~

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your an inspiration to us all!!! id never thought it possible for your art to get better, but you proved me gravely wrong.

megaflow's picture

Breathtaking, Stephanie! The design in the middle is so well-rendered, it's almost possible to overlook all the work that went into the paper edges on the outside. Kind of reminds me of Escher: reality intersecting with the design. -- I just love it so much!

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What else is there to say aside from: Absolutely gorgeous!

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So much detail! The intricacy of the patterns in the knot are amazing. And such lovely, sleek, stylized winged foxes - they look like they're having the ball of a time Smile

puimun's picture

Pesky things...flying all over the place...getting stuck in my ceiling lighting fixtures.... They're much less trouble when they're grounded.

naddy's picture

Beautiful as always Steph! I would love to have one of your foxes as a studio pet. They look so playful!

Art at its best.