Year of the Dragon by puimun

Year of the Dragon

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Artwork Stats
Added: Jun 14, 2002
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One of a series I'm HOPING to do for the Chinese Zodiac. We'll see if the other 11 ever happen. But for now, the Dragon. Details also at:

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frpnavarro's picture

I'm a Fire Dragon, too (but I have very little Chinese blood in me). A pure Chinese friend of mine told me that Fire Dragons are extremely lucky people. Though I don't feel very lucky myself, you, obviously, are. Smile

puimun's picture

Well, I do have 11x17 prints of this one available on my website. Afraid I can't do 2 foot ones though!

Guest's picture

Your ability to capture light by sealing the darks is incredible in it's complexity. The nouveau wisps and the rothko-like ability to stack colors with ease begs for attention. I adore your work and I would plaster my walls with their splendor if only they were larger. A 2 ft. poster would make me immensely happy, especially with this pictures. Is it possible or am I chasing dreams?

Guest's picture

Your art constitutes some of the most incredibly beautiful work I have ever seen. I especially enjoy your skill with the watercolor brush-amazing! This print in particular was one I wanted to comment upon, as I love dragons-my birthdate is actually 6/14/'88 [Year of the Dragon]-and the beauty exhibited here is beyond words. Thank you so much for all of your work!

Guest's picture

Fabulous. The woman looks like she is in a T'ai Chi form. The dragon is stunning, but I think my favourite parts are the woman, the night sky, and the light that surrounds her.

feral's picture

Well, being a Horse I hope you'll do that one next.Great work..

chibi's picture

Beautiful. Now I see why it's so strict on policies here! I could never dream of making something this nice, but it's something to strive for.

Guest's picture

haven't looked for a while, liiks like you're making progress all the time Smile (even if it's hard to track).
overall composition of it is great, so iconlike or sth.
if I had a city, I'd hire u to make all the statues Wink

puimun's picture

Thanks!!!!! Ooh...i'm so stuffed from all the food i've eaten today...

williamli's picture

so here it is then Smile the 'light effects' and swirling are very dynamic. beautiful to see, steph Smile
oh and "sang yat fai lok!" ^_~

monstarling's picture

As with all of your work, this piece is simply *magical*. I really can´t understand how you can colour like that... the attention to detail and the beautiful composition are to die for!

Guest's picture

Wow. That's actually what I always say on seeing your art, but wow. I think this may be my favorite. And not because I was born in the year of the dragon. ;D

puimun's picture

Thanks! I've got some ideas for Horse....

puimun's picture

Me too! =)

puimun's picture

Haven't decided which is next! It'll have to wait for a little while because I've got a bunch of projects with deadlines on my plate for the next month, so we'll see which animal catches my fancy by the time I'm free again.

puimun's picture

I hope so too. =) I seem to have problems following through on series projects though. At least, when I'm doing it for myself, and not on commisison.

maura's picture

woooow. That's so pretty. The dragon and the lady look so graceful.

saffiresword's picture

Wonderful, as allways!

I´ll never stop to marvel at the beautiful work you do with watercolours!
I really hope you´ll do the other signs too, hope to see the Horse, my sign.

your humble admirerer.

Guest's picture

This is Fabulous. Can't wait to see the rest. I love the fossil dragons in the rock...what a professional touch. Lovely work Stephanie!

mcf's picture

majestic - this word comes to mind.. I was born in the year of the dragon myself Smile

jellybelly's picture

beuatiful! I don't know what else to say!

swisnie's picture

Beautiful blend of drawing and design!

Guest's picture

Gorgeous! It really has a lovely, sinuous quality...perfect for a dragon. So Snake is next, correct? Not like that is a hint or anysuch...

djinn's picture

Lovely. I hope you'll make the remaining 11. The dragon carvings are superb.

diane's picture

Simply magical! Your work is wonderful.

klwasden's picture

Your composition/design is wonderful. I love the circular flow throughout the picture.

frodo's picture

Beautiful Steph! a real winner, great to see, real classy work again, that only you can do...

Art at its best.