Duirwaigh by puimun


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Added: Jul 31, 2002
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The doorway to a magical realm....

Details can be found here:
This was done on commission for Duirwaigh Gallery, for a Tribute to Arthur Rackham online show they will be hosting.

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puimun's picture

wonderful analogy. =)

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perusing your gallery, it becomes clear that our vocabularies are so different that a straight evaluation of your stuff would probably not convey my true thoughts. suffice to make a recipe analogy. equal parts camphor, myrr, hanging moss and fern, blended in a lemmony tranquil mist:)

wrreyes's picture

Fabulous, as always!

vuollet's picture

Oh my, this is so magical! The green glow is so tempting... I'd like to walk thru that door. Into the magical realm behind it. These glowing things you make always amaze me.

twstdrealty8's picture

Tree! I love trees! And your trees are amazing!

puimun's picture

No, I don't really have one. I've been asked a lot for one, but I haven't figured out the best way to approach it yet. And anyway, I don't paint normally with watercolors!

marias's picture

your work is utterly magical steph, this has so much detail and its so intricately done. your pictures seem to suck people right into the world, so much colour and things to see and notice each time you look at it again and again! im glad you included details, it would be a shame to miss everything youve put into it because the image here is just slightly too small. If i could buy a print you know i would, like a shot.
Also, you wouldnt happen to have any watercolour tutorials lying around would you? i find watercolour so difficult to handle when doing details and i would love to get a few tips from you.

puimun's picture

This one took about 45 hours I think. It's the longest I've spent on a picture. And the size is 21x28 inches.

rhiamon's picture

Wow! Another beautiful painting! Your attention to detail is enviable - I'm still fighting to acquire the patience (and courage) to create greater depth with detail! How large is the original? How long did it take? (if you'll pardon my curiosity!) I like the way the figure isn't too contrasted against the door. After all, that's some mighty powerful magic flowing out of that door, and it almost seems that just by touching the door she's already being carried away into that magical realm. This is a really fantastic tribute to Rackham.

elbereth's picture

Hmm, very nice. The cool green plays off really nicely against the warm yellow and the brown. Amazing detail and lighting effects, as always. One possible improvement could have been making the figure by the door stand out in more contrast, or if she wore a simple gown with little detail - unless you intended her to blend in the way she does.

puimun's picture

Oh yeah, and yes I did get it photographed. Thanks for the suggestion. =) Worked out very well. I've gotta mail that transparency out tomorrow.

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I've got some small prints right now, but I'm going to be having BIIIIIIIIIG ones soon! I'll let you know about that later.

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btw, did you manage to get it photographed??

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OOOOOOOOO you finished it!!!!!
Ok, I want a print, where can I buy one....heh heh heh...

Art at its best.