Silent Depths by puimun

Silent Depths

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Added: Dec 20, 2002
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The idea for this came in two parts. First I wanted to paint sea turtles. This past summer I was able to swim in the ocean with them several times and their graceful movements in the water struck me, like flight.
And secondly, when at the Monterey Bay Aquarium, there was one exhibit where a shark egg was shown. The egg looked remarkably like a piece of seaweed, the better to camouflage. Thus came the idea of these sea maidens....

Details here:

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I was the one who asked if this was inspired by Nawheera, It is'nt an artist it is an image by Linda B. Now after reading, looking around and finding out things I can see that this probably was not inspired by Nawheera at all, you've been drawing lil creatures for ages it seems, and I just love them! Thanks for letting us into your imagination.

puimun's picture

Hello! No, I have never heard of Nawheera before. What kind of art does he (or she) do?

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Impressive work Stephanie, I just recently discovered your artwork and just wanted to say it has been a pleasure viewing it. After seeing the detailed images I noticed the figures entwined in the sea-floor vines/plant life..just wondered if Nawheera's image inspired you at all during it's making. Thanks for sharing this wonderful piece!

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Oh yes, I was very happy with this. As were my parents (this was their christmas present).

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very exceptional! Smile
great sence of depth and dimension in this painting, usually I must say your drawings are a bit flat and iconlike.
maybe it's because of the vertical fov in this one Smile you must have felt a sense of advancement in skill making this one. (ps: nice palette along with the purpleblue spots on turtles, works well)

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Sea turtles are such interesting animals. It seems like you took great care in painting them, more so than in the background. I like the background tho, it's not overly deatiled, and leaves something to the immagination.

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so delicate

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This is beautiful painting. I love the turtles, and the way you did the water ripples at the surface.

puimun's picture

No, it's not your eyesight. Many people who have seen this do not notice the maidens at first glance. Even when they are looking at the full sized original version.

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Amazing! The details are perfect, and the basic feel of the picture makes me want to dive underwater to see the turtles. I must say, the maidens were so subtle that I didn't even notice them at first! Either my vision has grown worse, or your subtlety was incredibly well done. Most likely the latter. ^_~

puimun's picture

I tried to keep them subtle. This is a christmas gift for my parents, after all. But as it IS me, I couldn't resist and do a picture completely without some fantasy elements! =)

synapse's picture

That's just exquisite. I love the human figure caught among the weeds - it's a nice touch.

puimun's picture

Yes, it's fascinating just to stare at it as it moves back and forth with the tides.

puimun's picture

I'm busy munching on some of my own freshly baked cookies with LOTS of chocolate on top, so your bribes have no lure at the moment! Ha!

Seriously though, I have gotten a lot of requests for a watercolor tutorial, but my method is so specific to my style that I don't know how to go about with a generic kind of watercolor tutorial. I kinda taught myself by trial and error, and I think that's the best way anyway.

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You have such a wonderful skill with watercolours, details and composition, ewerything done with great care!
If I may say, you are a master!!

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they're so positively cute Smile you should do some watercolor tutorials - I'd like to try that medium maybe... please? I got some chocolat.. Wink

manda's picture

I love watching the big tanks of seaweed at the Monterey bay Aquarium. You've really captured their movement and etherial nature in this. I think I need a poster...

puimun's picture

Hehe. I thought you might like this one Anneth. =) I was going to email it to you if you did't see it here. Anyway, don't know about "Mermaid purses" but that's kinda neat if it is the case!

puimun's picture

I have used them in the past before I settled on using watercolor. I like the transluscent quality of watercolor, the way you can build up color by doing layer after layer and giving it a really luminant glow. It's also very portable, and you don't have to deal with all the toxic fumes of oil painting!

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You have amazing control over water colors, love that shimmering water effect. Almost looks like acrylic or oil. Do you ever use acrylic or oil? and if not, what advantages does watercolor have over these mediums for you?

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.......and aren't shark eggs coined "Mermaid purses??" Or mebbe I'm mixing them up with something this painting, love love love it. This definitely reminds of times when I'd go fishing with my pop and we'd see the occassional turtle poke his head out of the water and scare the fish away o_O!! Oh yes, and who could forget those magical faces in the seaweed *stares* Beautiful work Steph, slowly becoming one of my fav!! ~_^!!

Art at its best.