Whispers from High by puimun

Whispers from High

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Artwork Stats
Added: Jan 03, 2003
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Commissioned by someone who really liked the other paintings I had with this character. Details can be found here:

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dark-sidhe's picture

I've been a fan of yours for such a long time... first through Elfwood, and now here. I have never wanted to leave you a comment because I wanted "just one more" image in my gallery, you know, like tidying up the house before an important guest may come over. As it is, I'm still unsatisfied, but always striving, and it's high time I said thanks for all the wonderful images you've shared over the years. It's always a delight to visit your gallery. Cheers!

feral's picture

What beauty must exist in someones heart to create such beauty...

tiranaki's picture

Wow Stephanie, there's just something about this piece, I don't know what it is... there is this calming surrealist feel to it. My favorite subjects here are the moths and the tree, it's alive with all those fey folk. Beautiful and enchanting work, Stefanie.

puimun's picture

I like painting them. =) Actually the -very- first time was in my Lothlorien picture, because the trees are described as being golden.

mermalior's picture

Awesome pic as always. You pierced the center of the bulleye with this yellow color:)) First time in the 'duirwaigh', then in the Entwined, and now here. Good choise, it gives life and emotions to your pic...

Guest's picture

Such beautiful works in your gallery.
Beautiful and delicate.

dchan's picture

Hello Steph!! OH!! What can I say? I am very disapointed about the condition for anime artists over the NET.. andhere are so many talented Fantasy Artists like YOU, but just a few people of them act like you.. seeing and coment everybodys art independent of their styles.. well... I must say THANK YOU VERY MUCH.. for ADD me at EDITOR PICKS!! and this makes me very happy! Now I can go work in Japan with my heart fill! LOL.. haha!! THANKS STEPH!!
I don't need to say that you art amazes me, coz I've already said this some trillion time neh?! Well Continue to be a fantastic artist and nice person you are!! ByE (sorry for my bad english) ^__^

Guest's picture

Steph, I did know it will be exquisit. And I am right Wink Ria

Guest's picture

i like the working in the tree trunk.

maura's picture

Wow, you must have a lot of patience to do all those little details. They really create an amasing image, it's juse georgous Smile

sh-serg's picture

Very nice work! I like the tree and colors.

Guest's picture

The first comment was from me. I don't know if it matters at all to you, but I fogot to put my name...

Guest's picture
Guest's picture

I loved the other paintings as well, and this goes perfectly with them. The leaves and moths go together well, in my opinion, and the queen's "crown" caught my eye for some reason. The subtle faery people seem to pop up everywhere in your works lately. I didn't notice them in the bark until I looked again. Truly a wonderful piece!

Art at its best.