The Storyteller by puimun

The Storyteller

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Added: Jan 28, 2003
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Interior illustration for a D20 called Summerlands.
This is a fairy queen, a being in two parts, a shadow, and a patchwork rag doll in a crazy-quilt dress, with buttons for
eyes and a stiched line for a mouth. The shadow is her actual form, the rag doll her means of interacting with the world. The fairy queen is the guardian of the spirits of children - her swans deliver the child spirits
to the homes of deserving spirits. The child spirits are sewn into the bodies of little rag dolls, and hordes of them are always with her, pulling at her dress and swarming at her feet.

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malczewska's picture

This is most amazing drawing I've ever seen! Great imagination. I love the way you use pencil, and I adore your patience, cos it is needed in such detailed pictures. My favourite of b&w Smile

puimun's picture

Really? I should look around to see what those others are doing. It's always fun to see similar themes.

goldseven's picture

Wow, the lighting in this piece is terrific! I love the way you place so many people/figures into your works so naturally. I think your composition work is among the best I've ever seen. And heh--how many "The Storyteller" pictures are there on Epilogue? Wink It seems to be one of the most favourite titles/concepts in Fantasy art! Wink This is the third I've found in just a week...

Guest's picture

I am rendered almost speechless with admiration.This is magnificent....both the concept and the execution.The detail is breath taking and so beautiful that my eyes are actually stinging with tears!I am utterly transported to another world.My words can not do justice either to your work or my feelings for it!(persephone)

tonio86's picture

this is very looks like a twisted still life

jade's picture

Yes, indeed, it's very different, and I like it a lot! Very intricate detail and intriguing setting/characters.

Guest's picture

I could look at this for hours on end ....

puimun's picture

Yes, I guess it does look rather similar. That wasn't on purpose!

Guest's picture

Quite different from your other works. Maybe it's just me. The lighting gives an eerie effect when it comes to the eyes of the dolls, but it seems cozy and happy all the same. Interesting feel you gave to it. ^^'' Is it just me, or is the fairy queen's silhouette reminiscent of your moth queen? Well done as always!

puimun's picture

Yes this is new. Just finished it about 2 weeks ago.

Guest's picture

Steph,this is new right?

feral's picture

Different from anything you've done before (and I think I've seen most of your pictures),scary and yet cute.

puimun's picture

I actually haven't done that much pencil work, but recently I've started picking it up again and really am enjoying it. I feel like in the interim, my pencil skills have improved. I suppose really, whatever medium you use, skills you learn are applicable in all other mediums as well.

puimun's picture

Hello Patrick!
Didn't know you ever came to Epilogue. I'm glad you're liking these too. =)

kyrn's picture

definately creepier than usual:) I like all the creepy little dolls...

Guest's picture

Happy to see this one up here. It's an absolutely brilliant piece, realized more perfectly than I ever could have hoped.

It was seeing your work here years ago that helped inspire me to create the Summerlands, and every new piece you send me reaffirms my belief that you are the project's greatest asset.
-Patrick Y.

djinn's picture

You just keep getting better. Smile
The lighting and the shadows cast on the wall really adds to the mood of the picture.

christar's picture

Wowsers, big time wowsers man, I likey.
It's great to see a new pencil work from you, especially since you're so damn good at it. So much going on, this is a real trumph.

Guest's picture

A beutifull piece, Truly I love the
lighting.Erie very effective.

puimun's picture

I think that's the feeling the writers for this RPG are aiming for, so I'm sure they will be happy to hear that. It's part of what makes it so much fun for me to work with these guys as well, because they are a bit different from the typical D20.

puimun's picture

Yeah, actually the original is a little darker. My scanner tends to make things lighter and I usually correct the color and contrast, but for some reason I left this.

ggentry's picture

This is wonderful. This has the strangeness and beauty of some of the great Christmas illustrations. I know this is a d20 but it is evoking the same feelings as a story like "The Nutcracker". And the lighting is sheer joy!!

maura's picture

Hah, that's cute. And kind of creepy. Nice details. It looks very light for such a dark setting, but it is done with pencils, so they don't get too dark I guess. Smile

puimun's picture

I'm going to be doing 8 full page pictures total for this company, of 8 different fairy queens. All the stories are kinda cool. =)

aridante's picture

whoa creepy story with a creepy picture--really cool but creepy nonetheless ;D

puimun's picture

Hey, thanks Patrick! I did spend as much time on this as I do on color pieces, and I'm very happy with the results. Starting to like just working in b&w with pencils again quite a bit.

portalrun's picture

Beautiful pencil work Stephanie, I love the lighting in this...

megaflow's picture

Holy cow!! This is even better than a lot of your color work. And I love all the doll characters - they have so much personality. And such a composition - I gush with praise!

Art at its best.