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Added: Mar 03, 2003
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Illustration for Arcane Rune Press.For information, goto: http://www.arcanerunespress.comMorgan Le Fey, Queen of Magic and Secrets: Morgan is the queen of magic and of secrets - she has heard every secret ever spoken, knows the truth behind all lies, and her books contain the answer to every question ever asked.

Size: 11x14

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I have a question?? I love the drawing in pencil but is it possible if you could make it in color?? And again i love it

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Morgan and European Union? i mean those rings of stars on her dress;)
and once again, a lovely picture.

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i am totaly bewidered at what you can create!! to me its like i don't beleive that you have axually made with by hand, and not on the computer. i am, with out a thought, speachles!!
wondefull, wonderfull

i wish i was as good as you

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once and future king!! wow! this is pretty cool!

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Well, actually this was a commissioned piece for a role playing game book, and this was THEIR version of morgan. But yes, the mythical persona is a mortal half sister of arthur.

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your artistry is awesome. I especially love the butterfly wing detail and the detail of the floating ship. I just have one question... wasn't morgan le fay a mortal? she was king arthur's sister or something..

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Your mastery of the pencil is absolute magic the textural detail divine! All your work is astonishingly beautiful with the most gorgeous ornamental design.I am blown away by your ability to convey a sense of enchantment,of other-worldly magic.Your work is actually luminescent as if lit by a charm.Your concept of the faery kingdom is my favourite.(persephone)

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wonderful... You did such a great job in capturing her elegance and wisdom - It's heart warming.

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Stephanie, That' very nice , with best wishes for you.

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I do a lot of smudging with tissue paper as I go. Kind of layering it on, so in a way, it is a lot like the method I work with watercolors.

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Stephanie I don't know how you can do shadings like that so perfect, when I shade with pencils you can still see the texture of the paper through it, sort of grainy, but when you do it it looks like watercolours of grey, how do you do it?

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I hate doing perspective, thus I probably could have spent more time on the bookshelves but lost interest at the time! I did put wood grain on them, but maybe it's hard to see at this resolution. And I'm not surprised you like the window -- that's a merm kind of thing. =)

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Great image! Especially the window is near to my heart:) I like it very much, cool design and it gives space to the room. The effects and the composition is great too, I like the lights and almost everything. Perhaps the bookselves are too box-like. In this near perfectly designed artwork they would had something wood texture and a little natural looking. But it is a minor thing. The whole picture follows your professional style and quality, so I'm impressed (as always if I see a new Steph-work:). Grats!

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Nice image stephanie, love the movement and energy, all captured with great detail and care.

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Haha. Lame or not, I can still appreciate a "wow" =)

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Oh yes, it's very much agreeing with me. I'm having lots of fun with it, and it's nice to have a change every once in a while. Been doing so much watercolor up til now.

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I know it`s lame to say wow ...but WOW!...

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great light! you are very neat. it's a good job getting everything just so Smile

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oooo very nice! Great sense of drama and storytelling without looking staged. Pencil seems to agree with you ;D

Art at its best.